Over the years, we have worked with all regions of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, and our President served on the DEP Secretary's Act 2 and Brownfields Program Improvements Committee. When the DEP evaluated the statewide number of Act 2 project completions, RT had completed three times more Act 2 projects than any other environmental consulting firm in Pennsylvania. That's a lot of experience which translates into focused, efficient and cost effective service.

Release projects we have worked on include:

  • Release projects we have worked on include:
  • A release of No. 2 Fuel Oil, with seepage impacting a stream, requiring prompt installation of a trench interceptor system in a public street, to avoid further impact.
  • Remediation of a petroleum release impacting wetlands, causing a need for excavation and removal, followed by wetlands mitigation and restoration.

The most important aspect to the Marcellus Shale industry is that many exploration and midstream operations occur on the property of others, under right of way or drilling rights agreements.

The expectation of property owners is that a cleanup will be "complete", and in Pennsylvania, this almost always means that cleanup liability protection must be granted by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, upon submittal of an Act 2 Final Report.

Equally important is to apply the most appropriate remediation steps to the site-specific contaminant release that has occurred. Using Act 2's Statewide Health Standards, or site-specific approaches, remediation should be tailored to minimize costs and minimize the environmental impact. This is particularly important in wetlands, buffer areas, or other environmentally sensitive locations as trying to clean up every bit of impact from a release is all too often not required and can cause more damages to natural resources then is necessary. At some sites, there is visual indication of impact, but testing shows that no actual active remediation is needed.

RT also offers, as we have for more than two decades, two key business advantages, which cause our clients to call time and again:

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